Your Club

We'd like to announce our new MULTISPORT platform that is bound to excite you! Wanna join a club that consists of like minded athletes? How about meeting new people in various sports? What about receiving discounts from local and nationwide companies? What if that club was FREE…, zip, zilch! Well that's MSM!

We can care less what type of athlete you are or what sport you endure. What we’re interested in is providing you a fresh and unique experience. A club that has a social scene, friendships, clinics and education gatherings. Let’s face it, we like to talk shop with others but unless they share the same interests, no one wants to hear about it. Well we do!

Don’t worry, our mission isn't to replacing your existing club, talk you into a new gym or sway you to a specific sport. Our mission is to simply have fun, to be a kid again, to expose each other to new sports and to learn a few new things along the way.